Replacing Battery Pack Batteries is key to keeping your device functioning properly.

Replacing Battery pack Batteries

Battery Types

Eagle Optical Product – Consider replacing Battery Pack Batteries in your failing LED Headlight. For a fraction of the cost of a replacing your entire unit, we can make it perform like new. The correct replacement internal cell is very cost effective unlike having your device quit suddenly. Depending on the model, restoring is usually complete in a day or two. Waiting for your unit to fail completely is not wise,  instead take action now.

You can see by the photo above despite most batteries while looking similar, there are big differences. Look closely to note voltages differences and mAh ratings. Some batteries have internal circuitry to prevent overcharging unlike others that do not.  There is always an issue connecting a battery using the wrong polarity, especially if your device has solder type connections. This can cause irreparable damage to the circuitry inside your device.

We keep a fresh supply of the most common batteries on hand. If you start to notice shorter run times or if your battery is cutting out, then your cell is probably on its last leg. Consider having your Battery Pack Batteries replaced if you suddenly notice changes in the way your LED performs. Don’t wait for your LED to quit suddenly. Best of all your unit will be returning in a couple days.