For fast Dental Loupe & LED repair
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Quick Turnaround. All Repairs Guaranteed.

As of May 1, 2024 - Current lead time:

 7-10 days plus shipping time 




Please note: We no longer repair "Through the Lens" loupes

Repair Procedure and Shipping Instructions


  • Complete the information on the Shipping Instructions & Label
  • Print it – Fold the page in half & use it as your shipping label.
  • Affix the label to your carefully packaged device & ship using the carrier of your choice.
  • When we receive your item, we will contact you immediately to verify the repair cost.
  • If you agree with the cost, we repair, test & package your device. (1-2 days normally)
  • You will receive an invoice via PayPal when repairs are complete.
  • Simply click the “Pay Now” tab to make payment with any major credit card.
  • If  device is non-repairable, or cost is too high, you will be responsible for return shipping only.
  • There is no charge for a diagnosis / estimate for repair.
  • Your package is shipped the same day payment is made.
WE ONLY SHIP TO USA ADDRESSES – Your can choose to require a signature for your returned package for an additional charge.

Sending your product for repair is as easy as 1- 2- 3

1. Identify Your Product

Tape a business card or address label to each component. We receive many parts , so it is important to be able to identify yours.

* Orascoptic Discovery damaged cables. Send cable only. (NO BATTERY OR CHARGER NEEDED)

* If sending an LED, include, charger, battery pack, & headlight.
(There are many LED’s. We may need your specific charger. If your battery needs charging after shipping).

* Do NOT send your loupes if your LED is being sent in for repair.

* If you are sending loupes for repair, please do NOT send your headlight.

2. Include You Contact Information In Your Package

Your name
Shipping address:
 for returning your product to you. Many people ship using The UPS store, or FedEx, so the return address on the package will be the shippers.
Brief Description of the problem & how it occurred
Phone number    (When we receive your product, we contact you to verify repair options).
Email address    (Upon completion of repairs, you will receive an invoice via email)   

3. Ship it

Attach the completed shipping label to your package & ship. (using the carrier of your choice FedEx, UPS, or USPS)