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Please note: We no longer repair "Through the Lens" loupes

Eagle Optical Dental Loupe & LED Repair

Dental Loupe & LED repair is a lot more affordable than you may realize.  It’s the alternative to spending a lot of money on a needless replacement. Eagle Optical Repair is the choice of not only Dentists & Hygienists, but other Professionals. They invested in quality product rather than a “cheap throw-away”. Even the finest devices from time to time may need a simple repair. Most issues can be attributed to minor accidental events as as well as wear from normal use. Rather than a complete replacement, we offer LED headlight and loupes repair for a fraction of the cost. Can the money you save be spent more wisely? The money you save is yours!

Ask yourself why do some OEM’s as well as other Loupes & LED repair services take so long to perform a simple fix? Why are they so expensive?  Simple. It’s quite possible your device repair may be subcontracted. We not only perform LED and Loupe repairs for individual clients, but also for businesses that farm out their repairs. We are well known for fast turn around time in addition to affordable pricing. Besides that each & every repair is done in house.

Do you have any questions about the services we provide? Contact us. Maybe you want to discuss a specific problem with your device. We would be happy to speak with you. Even if your device is not repairable and you need a new one, we may be able to offer some guidance. 

LED Repair

LED headlights functioning intermittently are very frustrating. When a device drops, or the cord caught on equipment, it can cause many different issues, including flickering or the inability to adjust the intensity level. These are just a couple examples of common, but very inexpensive repairs. Learn More …

Loupe Repair

From time to time your loupes may require repair or refurbishment. Weather caused by simple wear and tear or accidental damage, Eagle can often represent a cost effective alternative to buying new loupes. Our services can include cleaning of optics and mechanical components as well as full restoration. 

Apollo dental LED repair

Currently Available Used / Refurbished LED Systems

The units shown have been thoroughly tested & proven to be in good working order. We believe they will provide long trouble free service. All systems are guaranteed. Click image to see available units & prices.

Buy & Sell LEDs

We purchase quality Used LED Headlight Systems or individual components, regardless of condition.
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