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Dental – Medical – Surgical LED Light Repair

Having your LED headlight functioning intermittently is very frustrating. When a device falls, or the cable gets hooked on something, not only can it cause a variety of issues, such as the inability to adjust intensity level, flickering, or low intensity, but also puts your loupes at risk for damage. Other times units suddenly just stop working for no apparent reason. These are just a few examples of very common inexpensive repairs.

Frequently, people either believe, or are told: “There is no possible way to fix your LED”. Instead buy a costly assembly or worse yet, purchase a totally unnecessary & expensive complete system. Only to find out the quality of the new device is not nearly as good as their original. A common belief is the use of thinner cables & less robust components in order to reduce weight is the cause, while some believe it all about the cost.

FACT: many LEDs last about 50,000 hours or 15-20 years normal use.

Restoration or replacement of the cable, jack, or other single component as an alternative to the high cost of a complete new systems makes sense. Best of all its done in just a couple days.

We hear from individuals who have sent their equipment back to where they originally purchased it. After waiting weeks for a response, they are shocked by the cost estimate and as a result they contact us. Regularly we find some of the repairs quoted are not necessary, and many times all that’s needed is a simple quick fix. Hence your back and running not only a lot faster but also for a lot less than expected.

Are you are experiencing a problem, & interested in having it corrected?  Contact us. Discussing your devices issue, in addition to Diagnostics / Repair estimates are always free. Something to consider versus the high cost of a replacement.

Routinely we repair devices by many different manufacturers. They include:  Designs for Vision, Leica, Lumineer, Orascoptic, Surgitel, Heine, Zeiss, and more. Similarly some of the most popular LED’s models are; Eclipse, Sunburst, Day-Lite, KD-200, High-Q, Brasseler, Discovery, Apollo, Endeavour, Odyssey, Starburst, Infinity, VE, Nano, Solaris, and many others.





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