OEM Repairs very costly & time consuming

Considering repairing your loupes or LED? Are you being told by the company that sold the device to you in the first place, the simple repair you need is going to take weeks & cost a small fortune? Equally important, are you going to be able to function properly without your Loupes or LED for that extended period of time?

Reading independent reviews about the company that sold you the product in the first place is a great idea. Alternatively, speaking with colleagues facing similar issues can be a source of guidance. Investigate a companies reputation for Service & Support after the sale?

A few companies simply put their logo put on a cheap knock-off from an overseas maker. Where can you go when you need support? Still others peddle an unproven product, routinely discontinue it, leaving you, not only without support, but an obsolete device. Finally, try calling, to see if you are able to speak with a knowledgeable person in their support staff?

Better yet contact, Eagle Optical Repair to discuss your issue, or get an estimate.

Sending your device for a free evaluation is simple.

1.Print the shipping label on our Shipping instructions page.

2. As soon as it’s received, you will be contacted to verify the repair cost.

3. If you agree, the repair is done at that time.

4. An invoice is sent & your product is shipped.

90-95% of repairs take 2 days or less. For details visit 

For further reading about repairing your LED  visit: