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LED headlights that are not functioning or function intermittently are very frustrating. Sometimes the item is dropped, or the cord gets caught on equipment and is ripped out of the plug in the battery pack. Another common problem is no longer able to adjust the intensity, or the light flashes on and off. Here again this is usually an inexpensive repairable problem. Pictured above  are some LED’s that  we repaired.

Many times people either believe, or are told: “There is no possible way to fix your LED”. Instead are talked into buying a costly light assembly or worse yet, a totally unnecessary & expensive complete system.

The fact is many LED lights can last about 50,000 hours or about 15-20 years of normal use. Many times we can replace the cord or jack for 10% or less than of the cost of some new systems.

If your LED has issues & are interested in having it repaired, Please contact us. Our normal turn around  is 2 days or less, (plus shipping time). We believe it’s a great alternative to the high cost of a replacement.

We have repaired products sold by many manufacturers including, Designs for Vision, Eagle, Leica, Lumineer, Orascoptic, Surgitel, Zeiss, and more. Popular LED’s we have repaired are; Endeavor, Sunburst, KD-200, High-Q, Brasseler, Discovery, Odyssey, Starburst, Infinity,  Heine, Solaris, and others.

Even if  it is not cost effective to repair your LED ,  we may be interested in purchasing it outright for parts.