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LED headlights functioning intermittently are very frustrating. When a device drops, or the cord caught on equipment, it can cause many different issues, including the inability to adjust the intensity level, or flickering. These are just a couple examples of common very inexpensive repairs.

Mast times people either believe, or are told: “There is no possible way to fix your LED”. Instead buy a costly assembly or worse yet, purchase a totally unnecessary & expensive complete system.

The fact is many LED lights last about 50,000 hours or about 15-20 years of normal use. Most times we can replace the cable or jack or other single component for 10% or less than of the cost of some new systems. Best of all its done in just a couple days.

If you are experiencing a problem & are interested in having it repaired, Please contact us. Our normal turn around  is 2 days or less, (plus shipping time). We believe it’s a great alternative to the high cost of a replacement.

Every day we repair products by many different manufacturers including: Designs for Vision, Eagle, Leica, Lumineer, Orascoptic, Surgitel, Zeiss, and more. Popular LED’s models are; Endeavor, Sunburst, KD-200, High-Q, Brasseler, Discovery, Apollo, Endeavour, Odyssey, Starburst, Infinity,  Heine, Solaris, and many others.

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Even if  your device is not repairable,  we may be interested in purchasing it outright for parts.