ApolloRepair or Refurbish considerations,  your current device. This can be a wise alternative to buying an expensive replacement. Recently we are noticing a lot of newer LEDs are of lesser quality. Manufacturers have put a lot of emphasis on cost cutting, resulting in a lower quality product. Repair or Refurbish considerations should be at the top of your list.

As a professional you have become reliant on your LED & loupes. Since experiencing the dramatic difference it its made, its difficult to imagine working without it. The investment you make in a high quality device keeps you more effective as well as healthier.

Repair or Refurbish considerations. Remember your product can  function  like it did when it was new  is not only possible, but affordable and delivered fast as well.


Are you pleased with the quality of your current device?    If so,

Can repairing or refurbishing be a better option?

Remember the sales pitch you were given when you purchased your device? Were you told the unit would last nearly forever, or it’s the only one you will ever need?  Now, when you call the OEM for service, do you receive the support you need, or are you told “Sorry, your model is no longer supported or repairable?” 

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 $$  Remember the money saved is yours!