Orascoptic produces some of the most reliable LEDs. Such as: Apollo, Discovery, & Endeavour models. These models use metal housings as opposed to less expensive plastic. Orascoptic Apollo, Discovery, Endeavour  Repair is our specialty.

Over time, even the finest devices can have certain components simply wear out. From not only normal use but accidental events. For instance, cables, jacks, connectors  & internal batteries are common replacement candidates. We stock most common components for Orascoptic devices.

Some failures occur slowly over a long period of time. Others happen without warning.

Being without an LED that you have become dependent, can present a challenge. While a number take the inconvenience in stride. Others react impulsively. Some even end up wasting unnecessary money on a replacement. We think its a good idea to check your device on a regular basis so as to avoid any inconvenient surprises.

Use a reputable repair service as opposed to someone on an auction site. Some customers have complained when their unit is sent for a simple repair, such as a battery replacement, they are shocked to be told the unit needs much more.  After sending the unit to us they were pleased to find out it was a simple battery replacement & nothing else.

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Common Cable Failure Causes: 

  1. Hardening, cracking, brittle cables, as a result of age or improper cleaning.
  2. Accidental breakage. For example hooking a cable on something.
  3. Heat, usually generated by continued use of a thinning or failing cable.
  4. Non professional or mediocre repair, such as taping a problem area

Proper Cable Care:

  1.  Using alcohol or similar solvents to clean a cable contributes to cracking in addition to deterioration. While It may clean the cable, it also dries it out, making it stiff and prone to cracking, On the other hand cleaning  with mild hand soap and water can make them last a lot longer.
  2.   Winding or twisting a cable tightly or knotting it is very harmful. Repeated tight coiling as opposed to loose rolling will diminished cable life.

Premium Cable Features:

  1. Conductors sized for proper operation is crucial, while at the same time offering improved reliability. Oxygen free copper, silver plated copper, as well as other premium conductors are the best choice
  2. Flexible jacket materials. Most newer cable coverings are made with advanced polymers, silicone or other quality materials proven to remain supple longer.
  3. Long wearing cables, for example: nylon reinforced or advanced  material type. proven to remain flexible longer, unlike low quality counterparts.

In conclusion, superior replacement cables last. Therefore we can offer a full 5-year free repair, or replacement guarantee. Orascoptic Apollo, Discovery, Endeavour  Repair is not only affordable, but fast.

Examples of some repairs are here. www.eagleoptical.com

Additional questions or concerns about our repair services can be found at eagleopticalproducts.com/wp/faqs/