Orascoptic LED headlight repair of Discovery, Endeavour, and Apollo LEDs are a service we perform routinely. As a result we have become very proficient. Generally taking two days or less from the time we get a device until the service is complete. We know your time is important.

Frequent cases can involve wiring damage near the battery pack, or the connector itself is the issue. A relatively quick & inexpensive repair. When the plug or jack is intact, repair is very straight forward.  Many plugs contain very tiny contacts, despite this repair is not a problem.

We believe Orascoptic LED headlight repair is very worth while for quality units like Orascoptic’s Apollo, Discovery, Endeavour, Sunburst, and  Zeon models considering of their reliability in addition to the high cost of a replacement unit.

Find additional information about orascoptic led repair at eagleopticalproducts.com/wp/faqs/

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Photos below show an actual jack in need of repair.


Connector contacts

Connector contacts

Note the pin size & shape.

Our technicians have the equipment in addition to the skills necessary to diagnose as well and perform intricate repairs. Eagle Optical repairs all makes and models LEDs.

Further information about LED repair services available at Eagle Optical Products can be found HERE.