Orascoptic Discovery Cable

Orascoptic Discovery Cable

DIY repair

DIY repair

Replacement of an original Orascoptic Discovery cable can be accomplished quickly & cost effectively. Not only is a ragged or taped cable unsightly & unreliable, but its unprofessional looking. Most battery packs stay hidden in your pocket or on a belt unlike a cable which is obvious to patients. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

A flickering LED will not get better by itself. Some cables ooze a green substance which can ruin clothing. If you notice cracks or discharge from your cable contact Eagle Optical Repair for a quick reliable cable repair. We keep replacement Discovery jacks in stock, as well as most other parts to put your unit in like new condition. See what customers say!

Most LED emitters (Bulbs) can last up to 50,000 hours, which is about 20 to 25 years of normal use. There is no need to replace the entire costly light assembly with a less reliable one. Keep the one that has been serving you well instead of gambling. Our replacement Orascoptic Discovery cable has a full 5-year warranty, and in most cases the service is accomplished in 2 days or less. Return shipping is via Fedex so you will receive your unit quickly. Our cable replacement cost is well under $100.

Dental LED maintenance during Covid

Dental LED maintenance during Covid

Dental LED maintenance during Covid

With the onset of Covid many medical professionals have been seeing fewer patents. Resulting in reduced use of their equipment. Finally people are getting back to normal routines including visiting their dentist. Many times for procedures they neglected during the pandemic. Now its more important than ever to keep your equipment in perfect working condition. Do not underestimate the importance of Dental LED maintenance during Covid.

In order to prolong the life of Dental LED systems we at Eagle Optical Repair believe equipment maintenance is important. Consider occasionally charging your battery pack in order to maximize its useful life. Dental LED maintenance during Covid is important.

Extreme caution should be used when replacing charger. Many chargers available at auction sites might plug in to your battery, but many do not have the correct voltage or polarity. One size does not fit all. Using the wrong charger can not only harm your battery but worse yet do irreparable damage to the circuitry in your battery pack.

We see many quality systems such as Orascoptic, Heine, Zeiss and others lasting many years to decades when properly cared for. Allowing a battery to discharge completely can not only shorten overall life, but also reduce run times.

Eagle Optical can quickly evaluate any possible issues that may exist. With a turn around time of just a couple days, and no charge for an evaluation there is little reason to wait. Experience has taught us that equipment failures never occur at an opportune time. In a lot of cases we see people suddenly find out the equipment is not working properly. Many spend a lot of money on express shipping in order to get their equipment returned quickly.


Orascoptic LED Headlight Repair

Orascoptic LED headlight repair of Discovery, Endeavour, and Apollo LEDs are a service we perform routinely. As a result we have become very proficient. Generally taking two days or less from the time we get a device until the service is complete. We know your time is important.

Frequent cases can involve wiring damage near the battery pack, or the connector itself is the issue. A relatively quick & inexpensive repair. When the plug or jack is intact, repair is very straight forward.  Many plugs contain very tiny contacts, despite this repair is not a problem.

We believe Orascoptic LED headlight repair is very worth while for quality units like Orascoptic’s Apollo, Discovery, Endeavour, Sunburst, and  Zeon models considering of their reliability in addition to the high cost of a replacement unit.

Find additional information about orascoptic led repair at eagleopticalproducts.com/wp/faqs/

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Photos below show an actual jack in need of repair.


Connector contacts

Connector contacts

Note the pin size & shape.

Our technicians have the equipment in addition to the skills necessary to diagnose as well and perform intricate repairs. Eagle Optical repairs all makes and models LEDs.

Further information about LED repair services available at Eagle Optical Products can be found HERE.

Repair or Refurbish considerations

Repair or Refurbish considerations


ApolloRepair or Refurbish considerations,  your current device. This can be a wise alternative to buying an expensive replacement. Recently we are noticing a lot of newer LEDs are of lesser quality. Manufacturers have put a lot of emphasis on cost cutting, resulting in a lower quality product. Repair or Refurbish considerations should be at the top of your list.

As a professional you have become reliant on your LED & loupes. Since experiencing the dramatic difference it its made, its difficult to imagine working without it. The investment you make in a high quality device keeps you more effective as well as healthier.

Repair or Refurbish considerations. Remember your product can  function  like it did when it was new  is not only possible, but affordable and delivered fast as well.


Are you pleased with the quality of your current device?    If so,

Can repairing or refurbishing be a better option?

Remember the sales pitch you were given when you purchased your device? Were you told the unit would last nearly forever, or it’s the only one you will ever need?  Now, when you call the OEM for service, do you receive the support you need, or are you told “Sorry, your model is no longer supported or repairable?” 

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