Orascoptic LED Headlight Repair

Orascoptic LED headlight repair of Discovery, Endeavour, and Apollo LEDs are a service we perform routinely. As a result of the volume of repairs we do, we have become very proficient at it. Generally it takes two days or less from the time we get a device until the service is complete. We know your time is important.

Frequently cases involve wiring near the battery pack the connector itself. When the plug or jack is intact, repair is very straight forward. While many plugs contain very tiny contacts, repair is possible. Our extensive inventory of plugs, jacks as well as internal plug components, means you will never be inconvenienced waiting for a part.

We believe Orascoptic LED headlight repair is very worth while for quality units like Orascoptic’s Apollo, Discovery, Endeavour, Sunburst, and  Zeon models considering of their reliability in addition to the high cost of a replacement unit.

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Photos below show an actual jack in need of repair.


Damaged Connector

Damaged Connector

Note the pin size & shape.

Our technicians have the equipment in addition to the skills necessary to diagnose as well as perform intricate repairs. Eagle Optical repair all makes and models of LED.

Further information about LED repair services available at Eagle Optical Products can be found HERE.

Repair of Common LED Problems

Connector Assembly

We find Repairs for common LED issues are usually  due to a break or short in wiring wire between the LED and the battery pack. Adding a strain relief to prevent a recurrence of the same problem is an easy yet affordable improvement.

Frequent Causes

Most issues are not the fault of manufacturing defects, but rather an accident other unplanned event. If a unit falls on to a hard surface it can damage internal components, in spite of looking perfectly fine. 

“Hooking” the cord on something or stretching it usually results in damage. LED cables are easy to snag.

Most times this potential problem can be minimized by keeping the cord underneath your lab coat. Using a twist tie to coil up  excess slack is another good idea. Repairs of common LED issues can be avoided by proactively shortening the cable to suit your needs.

Repair costs

The majority of LED Light Repair for Common Problems are easily fixed,  therefore very affordable, yet some are under the impression that repair of the unit is either not possible or expensive. The fact is while advances in technology are increasing, so are manufacturer’s desire to lower costs.  One of the easiest ways to lower cost is to use cheap plastic components. Some of the most reliable LEDs have metal components which are far superior to low cost plastic. In most cases a repaired quality unit can outlast many current bargain models.

Find a reputable facility

Consider having your LED or Loupes repaired? Repairs for common LED issues need to be done by a reliable provider. Eagle Optical suggests you select a trustworthy repair facility with a reputation of standing behind their work, as well as offering a warranty. If time is a factor, ask the repair facility their turn around time. A reputable facility can quickly diagnose and restore your LED to like new function. Having an extensive parts inventory of most common repair parts is important.

At Eagle Optical we also have the ability to duplicate, or make from scratch for example parts that are no longer readily available.

Considering the lofty price of a new unit, you may want to look into an affordable repair. Even if you decide to spend the money for a new unit, isn’t it worth considering repairing your present LED for a “back-up”?

Most repairs are complete in about the same time it takes to order & receive a new one.



Repair or Refurbish considerations

Repair or Refurbish considerations


Repair or Refurbishing your current device. This can be a wise alternative to buying an expensive replacement. Recently we are noticing a lot of newer LEDs are of lesser quality. Manufacturers have put a lot of emphasis on cost cutting, resulting in a lower quality product. Repair or Refurbish considerations should be at the top of your list.

As a professional you have become reliant on your LED & loupes. Since experiencing the dramatic difference it its made, its difficult to imagine working without it. The investment you make in a high quality device keeps you more effective as well as healthier.

Making your product  function  like it did when it was new  is not only possible, but affordable and fast as well.


Are you pleased with the quality of your current device?    If so,

Can repairing or refurbishing be a better option?

Remember the sales pitch you were given when you purchased your device? Were you told the unit would last nearly forever, or it’s the only one you will ever need?  Now, when you call the OEM for service, do you receive the support you need, or are you told “Sorry, your model is no longer supported or repairable?” 

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