Fix your loupes

Fix your loupes

Buy new loupes? or fix the ones you have?

My current loupes are near perfect and work fine.  I  need a small part installed, but when I contact the seller, they say, Sorry, We don’t do repairs or know anyplace that does, but we will be glad to sell you an expensive new set”.

Sound familiar? With high replacement cost and tight money, we hear this more and more. Eagle repairs most brands of Loupes, offering an affordable repair or refurbishment service for those who believe their loupes have a lot of life left in them.


With some loupes issues range from an inexpensive attaching part, however others as serious as a lens assembly. Many times these issues are repairable, despite what others tell you. Buy new loupes, or fix the ones you have?


Another dilemma can be the frames. at the same time your oculars and adjusting mechanism are fine, you probably just need them installed on new frames. We stock hundreds of frames in a variety of styles and colors. So if you need new frames, or just want a different look, Click here. We  offer several attractive designer frame styles for  optical loupes. Colors include dark blue, turquoise, bronze, plum, gold to name a few. The new designer frames incorporate head-hugger temples for greater comfort. Our new Designer frame line, compliments our best seller titanium frame.

For new frames visit

Contacting us

If your loupes have issues and you are interested in having them repaired, Please contact us. Typical turn around time is 2 days, (plus shipping time). We believe it’s a great alternative to the high cost of replacement.

If you don’t agree, call  anyway,  there’s a good possibility we may be interested in purchasing your damaged Loupes for parts.

We have repaired products from most manufacturers including, Designs for Vision, Eagle, Leica, Lumineer, Orascoptic, Surgitel, Zeiss, and  more.

When repairs are complete we return ship your loupes via Fedex