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Repair Procedure

Repair procedure for having your Loupes or LED repaired

Link to Shipping Instructions & Shipping Label

  • Print the Shipping Instructions page, then complete the required information.

  • Fold the page in half & it becomes your shipping label.

  • Affix the label to your carefully packaged device & ship using the carrier of your choice.

  • When we receive your item, we will contact you immediately to verify the repair cost.

  • If you agree with the cost, we repair, test & package your device. (1-2 days normally)

  • You will receive an invoice via PayPal when repairs are complete.

  • Simply click the “Pay Now” tab to make payment with any major credit card.

  • If  device is non repairable, or cost is too high, you will be responsible for return shipping only.

  • There is no charge for a diagnosis / estimate for repair.

  • Your package is shipped the same day payment is made.


Please read the Repair procedure for having your Loupes or LED repaired completely.