Magnification Considerations

Optical Magnification Facts – Surgical Loupes & Dental Loupes

Magnification in surgery although not a new concept, is none the less dramatic. The benefits are amazing. Visual accuracy, improved posture, reduced eye strain and an upright posture, are changing the way dental professionals operate.

Lightweight, precision optics are designed to deliver sharp, crisp images with wide fields of view. Precision adjustment mechanisms make setting a snap. Exceptional clarity is achieved with multi-layered coated optics which reduce reflected light. Lightweight Frames in a wide array of comfortable, protective styles compliment appearance.

Professionals rely on a quality product with superior depth of field, to keep the magnified area clear and accurate. And although most dentists suffer from back and neck pain, selecting the correct working distance loupes can help establish proper working posture.

Eagle Optical’s Galilean and Prismatic systems are the clear solution, Our exclusive Lifetime warranty reflects our confidence in the quality of our product.

Factors to Consider when buying Surgical Loupes & Dental Loupes

Optical loupes are fast becoming an essential tool, for the Medical Professional much earlier in their careers. Concerned not only for the well being of the patient, but also extending the time, they can practice, rather than succumbing to premature back problems and eyestrain.


1. EXPERIENCE / KNOWLEDGE Eagle Optical Products since its inception has been in the optical industry exclusively. Every employee has over 20 years experience in optical magnification products. How long have other companies been selling loupes?

2. POSTURE improved posture is an obvious benefit of loupes, you remain upright, not hunched over during procedures. At the end of the day you’ll appreciate a quality adjustable product. Do you really want a product that forces you to remain in one position?

3. REDUCED EYESTRAIN and remarkable clarity are benefits beside magnification that have immediate results, headaches and eye-rubbing become a thing of the past. Do you find yourself straining to see critical details?

4. QUALITY there is no substitute for quality optics, microscope grade glass is essential for maximum resolution, while multi-layer coatings reduce glare and reflected light. Be sure to insist on microscope quality glass?

5. MAGNIFICATION Different medical specialties require different magnifications. Eagle Optical offers magnifications ranging from 2.0x to 8.0x

6. FRAME STYLES Most professionals are very concerned with their appearance. Eagle Optical was the first major loupe manufacturer to offer a variety of frame styles and colors.

7. WARRANTY if a product is superior, the manufacturer should stand behind it. If a product is reliable why would a company not offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY?

8. PRICE Properly fitted light weight loupes with precise adjustments for optimal comfort, is an investment, although tempting a second-rate product with lesser optics and inaccurate adjustments, is just a band-aid approach. At the other extreme, products represented by a high commission sales staff. A companies price reflects the high cost of sales personal and all associated expenses (cars, gas airlines, lodging, & much more) Will you ever see that sales person after the sale? Have you ever seen the sales person before you needed loupes?

Eagle Optical offers all the benefits described above, does the product you’re considering offer the same?