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Orascoptic – Designs for Vision – LED Cable Repair / Replacement

Orascoptic Apollo, Discovery, Endeavour LED Cable Repair / Replacement

Designs for Vision DFV original  (Left)                                                                                                 Eagle Optical replacement (Right)

While Orascoptic has produced some of the most reliable LEDs on the market, over time certain components just wear out from normal use. Apollo, Discovery & Endeavour cables & internal batteries are a couple examples.

Most cable repair or replacements we see are the result of hardened, cracked, brittle cables.

Heat generated from prolonged use of a thin or older cable accelerates brittleness and eventually contribute to component failure; leaving the customer little choice but to replace the entire component, rather than just the cable.

Having a cable with more robust conductors capable of carrying the current needed to power the LED is crucial in minimizing overheating, thus improving reliability / longevity. Oxygen free copper, silver, or other premium materials are far superior to those found in cheaply made cables.

Another important feature in a premium cable is the insulation or jacket material. A flexible cable exterior made with silicone or other quality materials that are proven to remain supple is essential. Nylon reinforced cables & modern plastic jacketed cables are noted for flexibility, as well as durability.

Proper care of cables is important. A common practice of wiping a cable with alcohol or other solvents is a contributing factor to cable cracking & deterioration. While it may clean the cable, it also dries it out, making it very brittle and prone to premature failure. A better choice is mild hand soap and water.

Folding a cable tightly or knotting it is very detrimental to not only the insulation, but also conductors. Repeated tight winding has shown to greatly diminish a cables life. Allowing a cable to remain twisted also lessens it ability to remain pliable.

Eagle Optical Product Repair offers superior quality replacement cables that last.

The quality of our replacement cables is so superior; we warranty them with a full 5-year free replacement guarantee.

Examine the photos above comparing a DFV original Day-Lite cable & a replacement Eagle.

The cables we offer are not only strong & reliable, but also much more attractive than a haphazard repair.

Frustrated with your flimsy cable, consider Eagle Optical Repair for a permanent solution.


Orascoptic LED Repair procedure

Repairing Orascoptic Discovery, Orascoptic Endeavour, or Apollo LED  is a very common service we perform.

In most cases the wire near the battery pack or the connector is the problem. As long as the plug has not been disassembled and parts lost, the repair is very straight forward. While the plug is very tiny (contacts as small as .5mm) they can be repaired. We believe a high quality units such as Orascoptic’s Apollo, Discovery, Endeavour, Sunburst, Zeon and others are worth being repaired vs. the high cost of a replacement  unit.

The photos below are of an actual damaged jack.


Damaged Connector

Damaged Connector

Note the twisted pins.

Our technicians have the equipment & skills necessary to make these intricate repairs. Eagle Optical repairs all makes and models of LED.

Further information about LED repair services available at Eagle Optical Products can be found HERE.

LED Light Repair

A frequent Medical / Surgical LED light repair problem seen by Eagle Optical techs working on LED’s is a broken or shorted wire between the LED itself and the battery pack. Another common LED repair involves replacing a damaged jack.

Most of the time Surgical / Medical  LED Light repair issues are not caused by manufacturing defects, but rather the result of dropping the unit or getting the cord “hooked” on something causing the damage. The cord on LED’s is very vulnerable to accidental snagging. Most times the snagging issue can be minimized or eliminated by either keeping the cord underneath your lab coat or using a twist tie to coil up  excess slack in the cable.

While most of these problems are easily repairable, some feel a repaired product is not as reliable as a new one. The fact is while advances in technology are increasing, so are manufacturer’s desire to lower costs. Many times a repaired quality LED can outlast many more recent models.

If you are considering a having your LED or Loupes repaired, Eagle Optical suggests selecting a trusted repair facility with a reputation of standing behind their work. If time is a factor, ask the repair facility their turn around time. A reputable facility can quickly diagnose and restore your LED to like new function. An extensive parts inventory of most common LED repair parts is also important. Eagle Optical is one such company that also has the ability to copy or make from scratch mechanical parts that are obsolete or not readily available from the original manufacturer.

Consider the cost of a new unit versus a repair. Even if you decide on the new unit, isn’t it worth considering repairing your old LED for a “back-up”? Most repairs can be accomplished in about the same time it takes to order & receive a new one.

LED Light Repair- Dental – Medical – Surgical LED

Buy new loupes? or fix the ones you have!

“I guess I need to buy a new pair of loupes, my old loupes worked fine until a short time ago, I only need a small part replaced, but when I called the manufacturer they said, “Sorry, We don’t do repairs or know anyplace that does, but we will be glad to sell you an expensive new pair”.

Sound familiar? With the bad economy and tight money, we are hearing this more and more, so Eagle has been repairing loupes for some time now. We offer an affordable repair / refurbishment service for customers who believe their loupes have a lot of life left in them.

Problems with loupes can range from an inexpensive broken attaching part, or as serious as a cracked lens assembly. Either way, most times they can be repaired.

Another problem area is worn out frames. We stock hundreds of frames in a variety of styles and colors. So if you need new frames or just want a different look, we can be the solution !

If your loupes have issues and you are interested in having them repaired, Please contact us. Typical turn around time is 2 days, (plus shipping time). We believe it’s a great alternative to the high cost of replacement.

If you don’t agree, call  anyway,  there’s a good possibility we may be interested in purchasing your damaged Loupes for parts.

We have repaired products from most manufacturers including, Designs for Vision, Eagle, Leica, Lumineer, Orascoptic, Surgitel, Zeiss, and  more.


Eagle Optical  offers several attractive designer frame styles for  optical loupes. Colors include dark blue, turquoise, bronze, plum, gold to name a few. The new designer frames incorporate head-hugger temples for greater comfort. For safety, snap-on side shields are included, standard. These new frames compliment the mainstay solid titanium frame which is a current best seller. By using the same high quality  designer frames the Medical Professional gets the best of both worlds – quality optical loupes on High Fashion Frames.

Eagle Optical Products registered with FDA

designer turquois 1Continuing its commitment to optical excellence, Eagle Optical Products has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for registration. Suppliers registered with the FDA means that they comply with all current regulations pertaining to the products it produces and sells. The FDA’s mission is to promote and protect the public health, by helping safe and effective products reach the market in a timely fashion, and monitor products for continued safety after they are in use. Eagle Optical’s wide array of magnifications and frame styles, compliment its mainstay Leica Dental Loupes. Escalating market share is a sign of product acceptance by insightful medical professionals.

Eagle Optical Products acquires Leica Microsystems’ Dental – Surgical Telescope Products

Eagle Optical’s parent company  acquired Leica Microsystems’ “Dental / Surgical Telescope Products from Leica Microsystems SOM division of Buffalo NY.  Eagle Optical’s parent company,  is an ISO-9002 registered OEM supplier to Leica Microsystems and Reichert Ophthalmic Instrument company.